About Us

  • About Triple A
    Triple A Food Trading is a multi-generation family business. We are not only a wholesaler who has been supplying food service and retailers for over 3 decades, we are an Ontario-licensed and inspected meat processing facility. Our mission is to help households combat rising grocery costs and inflation. Being a family business, we understand how we sometimes need to stretch the dollar. Being our processing facility allows us to pass along significant savings to our customers. Supplying restaurants for decades, we only source the best quality meats suitable for a chef. Slicing, dicing, trimming, or grinding - we all do in-house. There's no middleman here. During these unprecedented times, we are giving our best effort to get us, Ontarians, past this aftermath together.
  • How do we process meat?
    Triple A’s products are all flash-frozen. We freeze our products as soon as we process them, to ensure that they remain at their peak freshness and lock in that flavour you desire. The stigma on frozen foods being bad is because it is common practice to try and sell a product fresh as long as possible - right before the best before. However, if you flash freeze while the product is still at its peak freshness, it locks in that flavour and nutrients.

    All of our products are packaged in smaller family-friendly portion sizes. You receive bulk discount pricing on the portion size that you need. All vacuum sealed to lock in that freshness.
  • Where do we source our meat?
    Although, we source most of our products locally. There are advantages to sourcing certain products outside of our region. For example, pork loins. Québec and the USA, tend to slaughter larger hogs. This correlates directly to the size of the loin eye (circumference of the loin). So whether you want to make a schnitzel/cutlet or a nice showcase roasted loin, the larger loin will showcase better.

    We do look to other countries to have the best meat available such as Lamb from New Zealand and Wagyu from Japan and Australia.
  • Inventory & Packaging
    We take pride in our inventory and packaging, as every product is vacuum-packed to ensure long-lasting freshness. We try and offer a convenient pack size to fit your needs. Set weights for the products, so you know what you're getting at the price listed. No confusion and back and forth on your credit card.

    If a product is sold out, not to worry! We receive new inventory daily. Check in again in a day or so and the product should be available. If not, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call, our top-notch customer service will be more than happy to help!
  • What is T-bone points?
    T-Bone is a reward point that you will love. Who doesn't like a T-bone? Lol For every $1 spent gets you 1 T-bone point.

    100 T-bone points can be used for a $3 discount and you can accumulate and redeem points off your next purchase. Also, keep checking in we will periodically do rewards points-only specials! Products can be purchased by points only at ridiculously discounted prices!

  • Wholesale
    We've been in the industry for over 3 decades. We know our products. From supplying chefs and restaurants of all cultures. We've learned what the top chefs want in their products. We learned by listening. If you're looking for wholesale pricing, let's talk. We're here to work for you, to get you what you need to produce the best dish!

    Professional quality and reliability

    Personalized Service and Custom Orders

    Cost-efficient Wholesale prices

  • What is business hour?
    Our pick-up window is open at the facility from 12-4 pm Monday to Friday. Pre-orders are highly recommended, otherwise please expect some wait times for orders to be prepared.

Subscription Service

  • What is it?
    We are proud to present our subscription program to you! We understand that the minimum orders for free delivery can be a bit much for some (looking at you condo dwellers 👀). After all, $250 worth of meat is a lot! For $15.99/month, it gives you unlimited free delivery on any order above $50. This allows you to order what you need, when you need it, without buying a new chest freezer! Take advantage of the lowest per lb pricing in the province and stretch that dollar so you don't have to sacrifice your lifestyle.
  • How does recurring billing work?
    When you sign up for a subscription plan, your account will automatically be billed on a recurring basis. The billing date is on the day you sign up.
  • What is the delivery cost?
    Shipping is always free for a subscriber within the GTA with min order of $50. However, unfortunately, delivery will only be made to the subscriber's address.
  • Is there a commitment?
    You can pause, or cancel anytime. Just contact us at onlineorders@tripleafoodtrading.com
  • How do we cancel?
    Send us an email at Info info.


  • How to order?
    Step 1: Create an account

    Step 2: Browse through our catalog of Meat, Seafood, and Grocery items.

    Step 3: Add products to the cart

    Step 4: Proceed to check-out and enter all shipment information.

    Step 5: Most forms of payment are accepted—all major credit cards, debit, apple pay, etc.

  • What is the minimum quantity?
    For non-subscribers, the delivery fee structure and MOQ (minimum order quantity) for free delivery is as follows:

    Standard GTA delivery fee is $15 under $250 order, and Standard shipping for outside of GTA is $25 under $350.

  • Issue & Return
    Please contact us immediately if there is any issue with your order at (416) 658-8008 or onlineorders@tripleafoodtrading.com.

    Due to food safety concerns, exchanges are not permitted for products under regulations. However, think of us as your friendly neighborhood butcher, we listen and understand. We'll find a way to keep you happy.

    All refunds will be returned to the payment method of original payment within 7 business days. Any discount or coupon will not be refunded. You will only be refunded the actual amount paid.

Shipping & Pick Up

  • How do we deliver?
    Delivery is made either through our fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks or thru our 3rd party logistics partner.
  • Delivery in GTA
    -Cost: $15

    -Schedule: Monday to Friday

    -Location: GTA - Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill

  • Delivery in Ontario
    Cost: $25

    Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday

    Location: South Ontario(Windsor) to North Ontario(Sudbury) to Greater Ottawa area and Far East Ontario

  • Delivery Schedules
    Same-day delivery: We don’t offer same-day delivery, and the lead time can take up to 1 to 3 business days.

    Delivery Date: You can set a preferred delivery date and we will do our best to ensure that happens.

    However, for some reason; we are unable to deliver on the requested date, we will call before and set another date that’s convenient for you.

  • Pick Up & Hours
    Our pick-up time is between 12 to 4 from Monday through Friday.

    We are located at 69 Huxley Rd.

  • What would happen if I miss delivery?
    Our drivers will call upon arrival and the receiver isn’t at home; we will leave it by the door and send a picture to the receiver's given phone number.